The abstracts for Poster/ Oral or Both are to be submitted online .

The Final date for abstract submission is extended to : 25th September 2019 ( no further extension is given).

The notification of its acceptance will be sent by 15th October 2019.

Conference registration and ISAR membersship is mandatory for submitting the abstract

Before finally submitting your abstract, you will have to enter the online registration number .


If you wish to participate in this conference as a paper/poster presenter, you have to submit an abstract for approval. The abstract should be a summary of a research and is expected to meet the academic standards.

Please Prepare Your Abstract in the Following Format:

• Title of paper – Bold
• Names of Author(s) : First author’s First Name, First Author Last Name1; Second author’s First name, second author’s Last Name2; and so on
• Name of the Department, Institution/Hospital
• Contact details of the Author(s): email addresses:
• Keywords: Three to four (3-4 words)
• Presentation preference: Oral / Poster/ both
• Text : Font & size : Times New Roman font, size 12
• Line Space : Single space
• Word count: excluding Title, names and keywords

Useful Information for Preparing Your Abstract
1. Abstracts should be submitted in Word format.
2. The limit is one abstract submission per registered author/presenter.
3. Name or save your abstract indicating your name: e.g. Dr ABC abstract.doc
4.Abstracts should be based on any of the areas listed in this website as topics
5. Abbreviations should be defined at the first time they appear in your text before being used as an abbreviation. E.g.: Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH).
6. Do not define or use abbreviations in the title.
7. Avoid complex mathematical formulas, footnotes, endnotes, references etc. in your abstract.
8.Do not include tables, charts or other graphics in your abstract.

Submit your abstract
(Only for ISAR Members and REGISTERED participants

( You will be directed to our online registration page )








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